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in the hand by the use of the fingers and face the butt. Serotonin levels are sure to spike with her 80s soundtrack bring your favourite lycra, water to keep your juices flowing and a towel! He has been involved since 1997 in ritualistic work with the plant medicine Ayahuasca. Lindsay KempInspired by the work of the late, great creative genius that was Lindsay Kemp, we will liberate ourselves through dance. When we let go of thoughts, expectations, aims and goals everything is possible to happen. A caring community for hot bodies of the future. 16:00 17:30 Celebrate your Uniqueness Peter Scherhaufer. Giving space and expression to these sensations and gently flowing into the connection with other men. 11:00 12:30 The body is matter of choice Alfredo Fernandez In this movement exploration/improvisation, we will look at each other, we will meet and we will interact observing the influence that our three brains have on our perception and choice making.

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Each day will begin with some welcoming words from Stretch Festival curator Kai Ehrhardt, followed by a simple but powerful ritual, so we can connect with ourselves and each other, and get in the right frame of mind for the day ahead! You are welcome exactly as you are. Therefore he regularly performs in night clubs festivals. 11:00 12:30 An Extra Stretch Michael Rolnick. Knowing where we come from, we discover unexpected roots and solid ground. And if you have any questions regarding the program for each day, we can help you to organize your schedule. 13:00 14:30 Spanking for Beginners David Bloom Pain and Pleasure are considered opposites by many, yet both can also simply be heightened states of awareness. He works worldwide, creating rituals for different communities and groups. Trained with Martin Siems in Souling, a body oriented psycho therapy, Michael Barnett in energy work and Christina Kleinen in various therapeutic and shamanic techniques. To conclude the first day of our beloved Stretch festival, Ludwig and Gérald will facilitate a loving collective singing practice to connect, heal and celebrate our queer selves and loved ones with the power of our voices.

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Porn tube swedish videos sex Brothers, its penis time! 11:00 12:30 Sensuality of Breath Kai Ehrhardt.
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thaimassage he grov penis If he likes this, you should add some slight pressure at the scalp using circular motions. Fernando trained at The Place where he got graduated with a Postgraduate in Contemporary Dance in july 2009, before he completed his education in Environmental engineering in his home town Madrid. Born escort tjejer uppsala nakna kåta damer in Mexico City and graduated in Communication Sciences School. The invitation is to let it move, bend and twist grounding, heart-opening and mind-expanding.


Extreme Uli - undersPlace. He is very experienced with a broad range of emotions and states, including joy, sadness, desperation, serenity, passion, contentment, anger, envy, loneliness, connectedness, fear, trust, gratitude, uncertainty, disappointment, fascination, enthusiasm, curiosity, shame, and vulnerability. And thats just the point. Connecting to our queer ancestors gives us a new sense of belonging. 13:00 14:30 The natural voice, a journey towards free emotion Ignacio Jarquin. 20:00 21:00 Stretch Choir Ritual Gérald Kurdian Ludwig Obst. You cant let your kids grow up on this music and then not expect them to mimic their idols, albeit innocently. Merdan Akbayir is a holistic masseur, yoga teacher, performance artist, former biologist and free spirit based in Amsterdam. Still, the will to enjoy sex is undiminished. We are well-seasoned men. They also take part in different constellations of dance creative group processes and research collectives seeking to develop artistic and political practices around dance, improvisation, self-organisation, queer culture and feminism. He works as journalist, but last year decided to be part of a life-changing project: the foundation of Hombres Tejedores, a group of men who took knitting to the streets and public places. But in thailand flashback anal sex filmer a youth-orientated gay culture, we often feel invisible. In 2003 he moved to Berlin, where his dance, opera, video and photographic productions seamlessly combined fiction with documentary. The invitation is to consciously explore our repressed impulses by giving them back the space they deserve and their creative function. Id like to bring some attention to the link between the social hierarchical structures and the different ways in which gender and sexual definitions manifest themselves in our patriarchal societies. Attended the One Year Training in 2018. Without role models, how do we initiate a revolution for mature sexuality? After a short introduction and demonstration we will perform the ritual in constellations of two and three. In my years as boxing coach I learned that everyone has a unique approach to movement. I focused my artistic practise around the topics of intimacy, love and (self)care. Based in Amsterdam, Alfredo Fernandez is a dance-maker, dance teacher technique and improvisation, somatic movement practitioner and somatic fitness coach; he facilitates group classes, workshops, and private sessions. The prostate, this can seem as if it is weird, but you can try. He has been running individual and group sessions and applying the method in drama and storytelling since 2013. In 2016 he initiated a new Community Center in Berlin called Village. If we do connect then it is mostly to support, enhance or optimize something else we hardly ever relate to it as something pleasurable in and of itself. For example, a place where a man being 10 years older than a woman isnt a problem; a place where men and women can be openly gay and having a transsexual person serve you in Tesco's is nothing out of the ordinary. Music will be a partner. Temples, when you put the pressure at the third eye, you should also massage the temples when you rotate the fingers in a circular, sensual and slow movement. His dance credits include work with Northern Ballet Theatre, Scottish Ballet, The Lindsay Kemp Company, AMP and numerous others. By forming a physical and intimate mutual base, we attentively acknowledge each other and take an active part emancipating emotional baggage in each others storylines. thaimassage he grov penis

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